Перевод песни The Jerky Boys – Irate Tile Man

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Yes can i help you?
Yeah how u doin? whos in charge over there?
What can i do for u sir?
Well listen i bought 400 square feet kitchen ceramick tile there today!
Ok Alright now. f*** half of these things are busted!
Ok Alright now i am very angry here
What kind of tile u got?
Well they were kitchen a brownish color ceramick tile
Which brownish color? u have a name on it Tan sandle wood whatever the f*** u guys call it Whats the name sir?
Well heres the problem jerky half of em are broken and i got a job to do Uhh sir we can talk somwhere.
Ahh dont give me the somewhat s***
Who am i speakin to?
This is frank... frank rizzo
Frank rizzo open your f***in ears JACKASS!!!
Hold on...