Перевод песни Negative – Fading Yourself

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Fade all the demons in your head
it's getting harder to understand
Delusion all that makes no sense
It's all in our minds
it's all in our eyes
they see what they want to see
the whole truth beyond these endless lies
every face that you make
they've become so lame
You're losing your faith
can't you see that there must be something
something you know and more to believe in You're fading yourself
Take some wasted years you thought you knew
and you'll see that you were wrong
what it takes? what's the price of being in bloom?
You become so numb
all that mattered is gone
If you keep looking back and feel sorry for yesterdays
you'll be one of the strangers
you can't recognize yourself
the passion you felt it was so strong
now it's gone