Перевод песни Every Bridge Burned – Fix The Problem

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Love is a precious word
That’s sometimes overused
And as I find you at your worst
I refuse to give up on you
You let your pride get the best of you
This life seems so simple, simple and plain
But there’s more to this
Even if you do sell yourself out
Your reflection, reflects that of someone
You swore you never knew, you swore you never knew
Please take this to heart, Please take this to heart
For I don’t have addictions
What would my words mean to you, to you
Would they fall on your deaf conscience?
A perfect image is not to be perceived
Love is a precious word
That is sometimes overused
Love is a precious word
That’s sometimes overused
Love is a precious word
And I refuse to give up on you
Take from this and I hope it inspires change
The guns pointed what is your choice now
There are times when, we examine ourselves
Salvation is what you make of it