Перевод песни Aerodrone – Sceneboy

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I need new shoes
I need new pants
The ones I have don't fit me RIGHT
My hair is BORING to look at I am SO DONE with Supercuts
I want to SCREAM I want to SHOUT
I feel so lonely and left out!
But in my heart I know...
That I'm a Sceneboy
I know I AM!
And all the Scenegirls
Will know my Name!
Cuz I will show them
That I've Got
Pink Belts and Seven Jeans!
Cuz I'm a Sceneboy, I know I AM!
I'm feeling so much better now
My hair's jet black and in my eyes!
My sister's pants really worked out
The bracelets on my wrist look GLAM
The girls are noticing me now
They think I'm in some sort of Baaaaaaand
But I know I'm just a phase you won't remember
In the end you'll settle down and just forget
But I will stay the same and follow all the LATEST TRENDS
I'll be that sea of endless faces in the magazines!
Cuz I'm a Sceneboy, I know I AAAAAM
And all the Scenegirls, they know MY NAAAAAAAME
And I'll show them that I've got
Converse and Vintage Tees!
Cuz I'm a SCENEBOY!!!