Перевод песни Aerodrone – Hold Me Like A Microphone

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Hold me like a microphone
Turn me on and off and make me Say it's magic
Yes it's magic to me Hold me like an air guitar
Run your fingers up my neck
And play «It's magic, yes it's magic to me»
Hold me like the keyboard notes
You've been practicing for days
And hope that someday
You'll be on your way
I always see you in the frontrows
Your eyes as wide as the television screens
Telling the stories of my oh so instant fame
And maybe you'll be on the guestlist
And I can meet you after the show
In the parking lot next to the
Super Eight Motel
Hold me like a microphone
Twist and turn anyway you want
«It's magic yes it's magic to me»
Hold me like a tamborine
Shake shake shake so everyone can see
That you're the only one for me Hold me like a crash cymbal
Pound me 'till you're out of breath
And now it's over time for someone new
I hope I hope I hope I'm turning you on I hope I hope you're singing along
I wish I wish I wish I could just stop
But this is what it takes to string you along