Перевод песни Dial – Candyland

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Life can be a silly thing
So pointless and grey
But why not embrace life as a fairytale?
There is so much I´d like to do before I die
Counting all the stars and wet kiss the moon
I´m flying, I´m rolling, I´m falling
Sleeping on a fluffy cloud and wake up by the end of June
When the morning comes I feel so «dizzelidoo»
What a feeling! What a feeling!
What a feeling! What a feeling! (To fly)
Bathing in a pool of glitter and gold
I´m drowning, I´m swirling, I´m floating
Eating cake with Mickey Mouse and meet
with all his funny friends
When it rains I´d like do dance with Fred Astaire
Wrapping myself in a blanket of snow
I´m freezing, I´m shaking, I´m melting
Then I´m running throught the field for
there´s no end in Candyland
I´d like to have it all, the girl in me is dreaming
How would it be twinkle like a star?
And see the world from a different pont of view
Through your eyes, through their eyes
Isn´t that a silly thing to do?