Перевод песни Dial – Childhood Dreams

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I watch the time swirling by so fast
And when the world goes round and round
I wake up to a dream I once knew — my past?
And with the pain inside my chest I realize
It was me passing by so fast
And when my world went round and round
I lost track. I got stuck in a void of life
Wishes for hopes and dreams got lost in a lie
As we walk our path through the secret missions of life
We get moulded to fit and shape to suite
Forced to choose beetween one life or the other
But what if we could live our childhood dreams
Fly through spaces of the unknown as a hero of the underworld
Fighting all evil with ease and save the blindfold teddy bear in the tree house
What if we can sail the seven seas in the blue bathtub?
Shoot the Caribbean pirates off with a water pistol and still be home in time
for dinner as mom is calling from the kitchen
What if can follow our imaginary friends up on the roof, under the bed or through the scary closet to the world of possibilities?
A world where you´re more than welcome to live up your dreams and fullfil your
Would you like to come?
I watch the time, I see my life passing by.
Feeling the weight of the world breaking me down.
What´s the reason of hanging on to bitter-sweet memories?
Why did I grown, why did I let it go?
Feels like i fell from a dream and into my sleep.
I´ll be damned, forever grown until I close my eyes.