Перевод песни Dial – Wish it Away

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If I could close my eyes
If I could roll the dies again
I’d wish it away, wish it away
Wish my way out of this place
Wish it away, wish it away
Wish that I never was here again
When I, when I turn around
I´m no longer bound to your lies
When I lay to rest in my empty nest
I can´t seem to forget
Cause my memories standing next to me Like someone I think I´ve met
I´d wish it away
To be home, to be me
All the mazes I have tried
All the lies that I have lied
Wish myself out of this place
I wish it away
To be lost and astray
And to feel the helping hand
As I am sinking through the sand
and I´m going down
Wish that I was never here
I´d wish it away
All your claim that is mine
All I want and all I crave,
in my place it fills my grave
Wish myself out of this place
I´d wish it away
All this deceive and betray
All around I see their smiles as
I´m hasting down the isles
Wish that I was never here again
I´d wish it away
Not like this not for me To live this fearful dream
Now forever I will scream
Wish me the hell out of here
When I saw it all so clear
That I lived my greatest fear
Wish that I was never here again
If I could role the dice again