Перевод песни Dial – Points of View

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Look at him, all alone
Who are we to leave him there? What went
wring? How could he just give it up and let it go?
Pushed around, searching warmth He took what
life on a borrowed time
And a day goes by
What can I do to help?
I, I never thought I’d be like me? I always thought
I’d be so why me? My self in control.
My life in control. My life!
Shut out cold. Not a chance
We turn our backs on his hand
Feeling guilt, feeling shame
Knowing that we could do much more
And the years pass by
How can we leave him there?
I am my self, I know my self, I know what to do!
I’m keeping track, I have my stack.
Staying focused, I am not a maniac I have my
friends, I know my friends, they know what to
do! They’re keeping track they’ve got their stack,
they’re telling me I’m not a maniac
Am I loosing it? Keep forgetting it; what I came
here to do!
They keep telling me: get a hold of me, 'cause the
person in the mirror doesn’t look like me
Moving to a different place. Just come along and
shut your face
Through ruins from your past till now. Move along
and I’ll show you how and where you did decide
to be the «person"that's in front of me
Where dreams were crumbled into dirt but you
don’t dare to say it hurts
Pride and fear and dignity, corrupting your
Another sip another snuff, show the world it isn’t
so tough
You don’t say stop, you don’t say no
Just hide your face, go with the flow
But when you smile and raise your hand,
your feet will slip, you’ll loose your stand
And while you’re falling you will preach to
everyone within your reach of how you’re constant
in control, but pray that someone will break your fall
And when your doorway slips away and all your
colours fade to grey
You realize you need someone, you start to run but
everyone’s gone