Перевод песни downhere – I'm All About You

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You're a mystery, a puzzle, is what I'm told
You keep me wondering about You all my years, till I get old
Never rushing, it's a thing to savor
«Take your coat off, stay a while»
Wouldn't read the ending if I could
I'm always coming back for more
I am all about seeing this through
All about figuring You out
I'm all about You
I am all about cracking the truth
All about diving into You
I'm all about You
I gave you just my hands and I was stumble-walking
Just my feet and I was mumble-talking
There's only one way to travel this track
Took one step — I'll never go back
I face my doubt — wrestle the facts
You make up for the faith that I lack
Believe me, I am all about...
Mother... scientist Doctor... trapezist
Preacher... medalist Painter... just been kissed
Seeker... novelist Rocker... violinist
Major... catechist Farmer... it's a very long list
A father...
O, Father...