Перевод песни downhere – Whatever Happens

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Face buried in this cave
Your promises look re-arranged
How long have I to hide
While the demons search the mountainside?
I don’t want to lie down in fear
Help me to remember clear
There’s never been a time when you haven’t come through for me
I lift my hands in a re- surrender
Waiting on you to put this together
I’m o.k. with
I’m o.k. with
Whatever happens
I will follow You
I will walk through
Whatever happens
Through whatever happens
Forty days and nights
Haven’t seen the outside
Pitching and rolling around
Sometimes this escape feels like a cage
Although there’s reason to fear
The sky will never clear
I can’t think of a time when you haven’t been there for me
I lift my hands in a re-surrender
The time will come when You’ll put us back together