Перевод песни downhere – The Invitation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The near miss, the car swerves, and a rewrite in destiny
With lights swirling round, the sirens would sound as you say this can’t
Happen to me
And all of the voices (choices) are ringing in your ears
Then she lets go of your hand, and you can no longer stand in the
Refraction’s of broken glass
Kneeling makes it easier to catch up with your heart
And all of the voices are ringing in your ears
Birth is the invitation to live
Just as death is the invitation home
Pain is the invitation to surrender all, surrender all
Joy is the invitation to walk with days
The arrangements die before grieving begins
But no one stops crowding the lines
And the whole world should know
As this cancerous sorrow grows
The invitation is the mess your living in