Перевод песни Foreverinmotion – Turn and Chase the Wind

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I feel tired. It’s a mid-winter evening
Made some plans to stay inside… the world is freezing
Its 15 below. Chimney smoke and icy windows indulge in the night
As I write these words here alone
And think of nothing worth being said
While I struggle to see past these clouds surrounding my head
I feel so lucky to be alive
Just behind every rain cloud is a quiet starry night
Or a beautiful bright blue sky
I feel starved for all the things I long to be…
For some novel splendor, out of reach, in a place I just can’t seem to see…
For the courage to clear my name, pack my things and just go anywhere
To turn and chase the wind, to smile and sing and just be there
I’m dying to know what that’s like
Think I’ve been dreaming about it every day of my waking life
There’s so much I want to see and learn
About the art and mystery of this crazy world
And what’s in it for me
And I feel like I don’t have much time
The chance is there, but the choice is all mine
So many dreams to comprehend
So many dreams…
I think I’ll sleep in once again
And lace my mind with all the confusing pretty things I see
I hope one day they’ll all make sense to me