Перевод песни Foreverinmotion – Talu

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Little Talula of mine…
Oh how we age in time
I love you so old girl
You’re a shining ray of hope for me in this world
Now I’m staring down the white around your eyes
And you’re looking back at me through mine
It just isn’t fair. No, it’s a crying shame
How time refuses to treat us the same
I love you so, just so you know
I wouldn’t be the man I am without you
My old talula girl
Its gonna kill me when you leave this world
Little city of mine…
So lovely, so charming, so blind
Retreating to the distance as I fly away
Erasing the ellipses I left on the last page
To the new chapter I’m about to write:
Tentatively titled «the rest of my life.»
I’m not that scared. I honestly can’t wait
I promise I’ll come home again some day
Tiny planet of ours…
Every day somebody new is born
And someone else dissolves back into the stars
As you go on floating in outer space
Slow dancing with the moon like a timeless promenade
Though some forget and some refuse to believe
In the fire we’ve created melting ice into the sea
Well I think it’s a poor idea to risk our lives and the dance
But I guess the ones in charge are willing to take that chance
Illusive creator of all things…
Are you really truly out there?
Can you hear me when I sing?
Because I’d like a word with you, when you please
About this gorgeous messed-up world
And all of its humbling mystery
What are your intentions, if any?
We all could benefit to know
Is the puppet master veiled just behind the clouded curtains?
Or are we all alone?
I’d like some answers so if you can
Spell it in the stars. I’ll do my best to understand
Some answers then, if you please, tell me why…
You’re so quick to take my Talu from me