Перевод песни Biffy Clyro – Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies

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Come on baby do you think it’s good to feel
Like I’m lying here swimming in memories
I fear God because everything dies, babe
Got a gun in the back of my car
A spasm of good sense is making my eye twitch
I’ve had enough of all your consolation
I’m drowning caught in a shit tide
Tape my face to the inside of love
Nothing to eat but fingers in the back seat
Well I’ve met God and he had nothing to say to me
I pray to God that you’re right before my eyes
Bathed in white light with halos in your eyes
Don’t want to waste no more time
Time’s what we don’t have
Everywhere I look someone dies
Wonder when it’s my turn
How well do you know me?
Leave an open door, what you looking for
Babe, when you come down?
I built a time machine to escape from
All the pain in the back of my car
Living’s a problem cause everything dies, babe
Save yourself, you’re not too far away