Перевод песни Lightning Hopkins – Lonesome Graveyard

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Sleep on, sleep on, sleep on
Little girl, sleep on, just sleep on
Sleep on, sleep on
Little girl, just sleep on, sleep on
Well, I know you’re dead, resting darling, but one day
I know the graveyard gonna be my home
Every living people got to die, human beings
Mama was rocking by the window howling
«My poor child is dead, yes, she’s dead
Yeah, you know my poor child is dead and gone»
But made me feel so good, she said this
Sleep on, sleep on, son
Do you know your mother is coming on?
The graveyard ain’t too beautiful
But it will give you a home so long
I wouldn’t mind dying
Poor Lightnin' would just have to lay dead so long
Wouldn’t mind dying
But I’d have to lay dead so long
That I wouldn’t have a chance
To come back here and tell my friends
No, nobody, what is going on
Told my baby, don’t worry if I die
Darling, I know I’m gonna leave your little bed warm
Don’t worry if poor Lightnin' lay down and die
'Cause I’m gonna leave your little bed very warm
You know, I can’t worry when I’m dead and gone, but one thing
Little girl, I know you is coming home