Перевод песни Craig David – Where's Your Love

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Your love, oh yeah
Where's it gone
Where's it gone, babe
Now I know that we've been trippin' for some time
It's been real hard, but I know that we been playin'
Tryna figure out why you changed what's on your mind
But it seems recently that.
Y'acting like it don't matter
(So I)
Call my boy Tinchy Stryder
(He said to me)
Maybe I should just move on
(With my life)
And I'd be so better off on my own
I could be scopin' out
Checking out other ladies at this party
All loud, we don't really wanna leave without the flyest hottie
Wining up, thought I might cruelly step beside me But I ain't 'bout to hurt nobody
Ain't 'bout to lose what we got
You need to tell me W-where, where's it gone, where's it gone
(Feel that old school feelin' again)
W-where, where's your love, where's your love
(Where did we lose it all)
W-where, where's it gone, where's it gone
(Ain't 'bout to hurt nobody, ain't 'bout to lose what we got)
W-where, where's your love, where's your love
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Pullin' up to the club
Where all the ladies are waitin'
I could see they looked hot, got me anticipatin'
And I'm not messin' around, headin' straight to the floor
And the DJ's got this crowd callin' out for more
Gettin' that bass pumpin'
Can't imagine seein' you
When that DJ's got you better than you can do Coz I came to have a good time
Ease the stress off of my mind
If only we could rewind
And find this love girl we'd be fine
I'm tellin' ya where's it gone
What's this on Can somebody tell me where he's from
Me, I've been around here from long
I can re-rewind Craig David's song yo Now let me get old school
Take you back like a naked song
Bring you back, remake this song
Then run the thin line like a ladies thong
I been in this game long time wit the man dem
That's why I can list them anthems
Yes I'm hard but the beats turn darker
But I'm here to light up London
Yo, move one or two flows
I'm baddin' out one or two tracks they know
Tell me now I need to know
Where's your love
Where's your love
It's T to the I N C H Y Take it back like P ENARMINARM
Take a chance like that be P 'm on the run yo Take it there like lets go there
Stryder and Craig, how we're standin' here
Where's it gone, where's the love in the air
Love the bass, hi-hat and snare
I know you're down for the bright alright
Ice Cream Records
You're not like me I'm short
You're not like me I'm short
Craig and Strydz, we're out now PEACE