Перевод песни Siouxsie And The Banshees – Head Cut

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The head is the best part
My headcut my woodcut
I saw you in the gallery
With your torso and family
A huge smiling central face
With eyes and lips cut out
But smiling and eating
Lots of other lips…
A beautiful mask in plastercast
Such a beautiful mask in plastercast
Can I take it back with me?
Back to the flat with me?
Oh severed head
I’ll feed your head with bread
And paint your lips bright red
I’ll keep it fresh on ice
It will look very nice
Can I take it back with me
Back to the flat with me
Shrunken heads under the bed
The flies are humming
There’s a red under the bed
The spit is turning
Roasting burning
Shadows dancing -- by the fire
Flickering flames laugh -- with desire
The head is the best part
My headcut my woodcut