Перевод песни Buck 65 – G. C. Luther

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Read the reviews, how can you say that rookie’s butter?
He’s just another piece of ginger bread from the cookie cutter
Abide by the laws of architectural evolution
To build a spark of sexual revolution
I mean grabbin' the mic outta my hands when you can’t talk right
Is kinda like bringin' a gun to the cockfight
It’s breakin' the rules that are made to be played by
Forsaking the tools of the trade and they may die
So use it or lose it as with prostate cancer prevention
Who you frontin' for anyway? answer the question
You’re seeking solutions amidst a bunch of arroneous junk
You oughta check roland kirk, thelonius monk or mingus
The time of the month and i’m performin' cunnilingus
And droppin' science 'cause it’s heavy and my name is butter fingers
And with so much mediocrity, the world’s a shitty place
Where a boy’s just a dick and where a girl’s a pretty face
Where mother fought father and then brother fought daughter
And everyone’s gettin' burned by boilin' hot water
So what’s the response when a kid wants to flaunt
And show off for his friends so he can act nonchalant?
I avoid usin' words like worry or nervous
And deliver the goods like a currier service