Перевод песни Buck 65 – Eye Make-up Excuses

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Oh no it’s them two shit-talking thin pricks
The Sebutones, they’re freakier than wild animals and skin flicks
With their platform shoes and they also have gold teeth
The battle-axe styles, they calculate a motif
The Cadillacs with backwards hats, they can’t be nice
In fact I heard that Buck 65 might even be the antichrist
And Sixtoo, he practises witchcraft, collects crystals
And back in the early 70s was in the Sex Pistols
But they kicked him out 'cos he was always bugging and dissing
And Sid caught him and that Nancy girl hugging and kissing
And holding hands in the rain and doing shows
With poison solvent cans at the merchandise counter and everything
The DJ runs around telling people that I’m sinister
And wishes that Darth Vader was the prime minister
And I even heard that one of them can’t wait until the day when the world ends
And until then his hobby’s gonna be stealing people’s girlfriends
And he said he wasn’t kidding
He’s got a dozen styles of rhyming and keeps another dozen hidden
They throw fruit and vegetables around so dodge the lemons and hot peppers
'Cos one throws harder than Roger Clemens
I think they might be from the future
Got a casual collection of styles like Ninja Prada
And offer us a choice of season; daytime or evening wear
Please listen to the voice of reason