Перевод песни Buck 65 – Totem Pole

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This is for us, us and not for anybody else
And this is for us, not for the underground, hip-hop fans
Nah, this is for us
This ain’t for b-boys, raff-writers, deejays and emcees
Or any of them, cause, uh
This is for us
Not for the vinyl-buying, breakbeat collectors
With dirty fingertips and notebooks
This is for us
And this is for us, not for the students and historians either
‘Cause this is for us
Cause this is for us, the Arch, Buck 65, the Has, the Slam, DJ Critical
Stinkin' Rich, Uncle Climax, Achilles, Jesus Murphy, and Johnny Rockwell
This is for us
Not for Canadians, and not for Americans
Not even for Earth, this is only for us
This isn’t for you, this is for us, this is for us
This isn’t for sale and damn sure ain’t free, this is for us
This is for us, not for anybody else, this is for us
Mix and match some fix-it tracks with clicks and cracks
The shit’s like burning candles, just a whole lot of wicks and wax
And I don’t give a fuck for battles between the coast guard
I’m sayin' both be on some weak ass shit, for the most part
Ya take a whole lot of groups that are mostly phonies such as
Seventy-five to eighty percent of the shit that Tony touches
Sometimes I want to cry because I’m sick of this daily vomit
And somethin' dope comes along about as often as Halley’s Comet
(Eliminate the whack, and see that’s the objectives)