Перевод песни Buck 65 – ' 86 Jetta

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I've been droppin' jewels that are worth their price
Since before the birth of christ and the virgin mary and joseph
I submerge and bury adversaries in the soil
Or they get stuck and plastered in hot tar and feathers
That'll teach the fuckin' bastard to think again
Before he attempts to invade our scene
We got them satellites ya know, I saw you on the radar screen
With body heat, 'cause of all the members of the hordes followin'
Instead of breathin' fire, try sword swallowin'
The reader's digest and shit out all that worthless garbage
You wouldn't be so prodigal if you were more methodical
Meticulous details measured by with width of eyelashes
It may seem ridiculous, reduction to dry ashes
Everybody has a serial number
That gets stored in a box of material lumber