Перевод песни Buck 65 – Gauze

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Meanwhile, back at the command central circus
Doctors are exposing a man’s ventral surface to a medicated agent
To purify the soul of this dedicated patient
Laying on the nekked table
He works for a record label and wears sandals with tube socks
We got him tied face down, hooked up to the fuse box
With insulated cables. ambulances cruise blocks
To find any kind of volunteers and crack addicts that attracts static
It’s to determine how the effects of famine delays aggression
And we tantalize 'em with salmon fillets
And analyze the results in a bowl that’s glass
We’ve placed the brain and it smells like a poll cat’s ass
We take a group of MCs that are a run of the mill
If the first one doesn’t survive, probably one of them will
The odds are, is to figure out how much the others need
To first readjust the focus and then to change the shudder speed
It’s the ultimate procedure that we use to determine rank
We got a state of the art computer system and access to a Sherman tank
You shouldn’t be afraid to ask, we cut 'em with a blade of grass
You need a certain grade to pass or else you will be laid to pass
Then we take a duo or a group and a loaf of bread
And we let them attack one another until both are dead
Two copies for the DJ to, uh, break it on the cartridge
But if the record skips, he’ll have to take it on the arches
I got private plans for the saliva glands