Перевод песни Sasha – On and On

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Everyone — has a chance to live a life of our own choosing
And try to carry on, even though sometimes it feels like we are losing
Held together by our dreams when the boredom and the meaningless
Just keeps us all from living
Just remember who you are, you’d never come this far without
Believing in yourself (and this is what you say).
As you had it
Everytime, everytime I think I know what life’s romance is
It’s only then I find, still don’t know the questions let alone the answers
Am I here just for myself? Do I live for someone else?
Will I find just what I’m missing?
I’ll) remember who I am, always try again and keep
Believing in myself (and this is what I’ll say).
As you had it
Can we be, can we be content with what we have been living?
And let us leave alone, let us leave alone the future that is hidden?
(and this is what we’ll (always) say)…
As you had it