Перевод песни Sasha – Days Like These

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Verse 1 Arguments rule today
we slug it out
tears are so common place
we’re drowning now
We’re under a dark cloud, Baby
we cannot shake it off
(think) we gotta go right back to the start
to make it stop¡­.
Days like these
soon will end
it’s gonna get better, Baby
hold that thought
say a prayer
rescue will come to save it dawn will break
you will see
there will be no more days like these
We are both on defense
ready for attack
always prepared to fight
you watch your back
Bridge 2
I can’t remember just how
far it was we fell
but we gotta try and relearn love
to break this spell¡­.
Though I’ve never felt much
further from the past
oh, I know we’ll make it through the fire at last¡­