Перевод песни Gordon Haskell – All the Time in the World

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What does it matter if it’s a quarter to two?
The love of my life has been long overdue
What does it matter if it’s three or it’s four?
Don’t even try to make sense of it all
I guess I got all the time in the world
Guess I got all the time in the world
So lock me up in heaven and throw away the key
'Cause if that’s what they call home sweet home
Then it’s home sweet home to me
Must be the only place to be
Am I still dreaming am I asleep?
How did I get in to this water so deep?
What does it matter if it? s five after five?
You’re giving me the time of my life
Whether the skies are cloudy or blue
You’re showing me just how little I knew
I used to wander aimlessly
To some other place I thought I had to be