Перевод песни Jackie Greene – Ghosts Of Promised Lands

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I live alone inside my mind
Everyday is the day I die
I go walking up the street
Undetected in the heat
With a thousand different
Faces passing by They're out there hanging
Posters of Jesus
On my block they've covered
Every wall. Well I suppose
We could all use a Savior
So I told em to do the whole
City and save us all?
There's a young kid wailing mad on a saxophone
Someone screams, «Man! I dig the sound»
The girls around the corner can make your nights
A little warmer if you just let em take you down
But you gotta let em take you down? right
There are some men who would lead
Us to destruction. They deal in dirt and pain
And misery. They talk the silver tongue, one hand on A gun and spit lies at you and me Most people around here got no money
They got chains that rain straight to drains
They work for somebody, who answers to somebody else
And nobody knows their names. It's a shame
Come on, come on and rise up! Take somebody by the hand
Come on, come on and rise up! All you ghosts of promised lands!
I'm not talking about revolution. I'm not trying to make demands
But I want you to know, that wherever you go, you got
The whole wide world in your hands. You got the whole wide world in Your hands