Перевод песни Knives Exchanging Hands – The Smell of Florida After It Rains

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The eyes, lies
Sun driven to die
Don’t let the calm persuade you
Live life for today
Never give up the dream
Overcome the odds built up
Never bow down before a man without his license and registration
Never bow down
Built it up on words too frail to survive
Loss, strife
You’re bleeding and broken
Burning and broken and misbegotten
Life has become the problem
The strength of what is real outdoing the fakeness in your smile
(I) never asked for a hand I didn’t need
Never needing to be pulled up by anyone but me
This was our common ground
Our shadows ran like children
Now as I burn it down, I won’t forget the words you said
This is the heart
Letting go of the disposition of now
Just let them go
You can’t save everyone
Just let them go
You can’t save anyone