Перевод песни Blak Jak – Ball Out ($500)

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I’m from the city where we ride tall
Tag them all get fresh to a T hit the club and ball
Go stupid dumb dumb
Hit the strip club make it rain ones
Got lil T-Pain and me
Thats how I do it when I got anything to me
So off top where the goose at?
So let’s ride out
To the spot where the girls get loose at
To the spot where they hot and they choose it
Not the spot where they hot and them fools at
To the spot where they ready to go
The question everybody care cause they already know
When I’m in the strip club I get love for about 500 dollars
Yes indeed anything you need for about 500 dollars
I’ll make it rain, make it rain
They say you the man, you the man yeah
It’s the let out, park, get out c’mon, get your 500 dollars in ones
It’s time to ball out
And where them womans at
One go one stay went pole went stack on the whole set
Oh she doin it lovin when I come through
The way I make it rain all the change when I come through
Me JC drey and the whole crew
BS Gotta make broadway and her too
This how a G do make a brother beg
Hit the flo just don’t throw it out by the sex
I got her rollin poppin pills
But she got me throwin dollar bills
Pretty young thing with sex appeal
Got my man on stiff like he’s made of steel
I don’t know about you but I came to ball
Tip back to sip drinks till they say last call
Lookin back at me facin the wall
Make her drop it down low till she 2 feet tall
And I call her Ms. New Booty
500 more better bring it back to me
Makin it rain George and benjamins
They rubbin on each other strawberry and cinnamon
Said the need caramel to the stage
20 get it started 20 more to engage
What you see guaranteed to make you fall out
Get you ones in the spot my nigga time to ball out