Перевод песни Blak Jak – Bobbin My Head

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Haha That’s why I be in the back of the club man
Know what I’m talkin bout, with a bottle in my hand
Know what I’m talkin bout — pourin purp in my mouth
Man chillin man, know what I’m talkin bout — gyeah
I’m in the club, posted in the back
Chillin with my niggas with a bottle full of Yak
Stacks on deck everything in motion
Smokin on the purp, feel like I’m three wheel coastin
Cloud nine floatin — speakers bumpin loud
Damn near drunk but still I’m peepin out the crowd
Real G’s don’t dance, we keep a sharp creese
Fresh to a T, nothin but diamonds in the piece
So I’m rollin up the green checkin out the scene
I see some niggas in the cut lookin hard, muggin mean
But I ain’t stuntin that — I gotta keep it movin
There’s too many bad bitches in here choosin (yeah)
You can find me in the club, posted in the back
Rollin up the purp, and I’m sippin on the Yak
And I’m just bobbin my head — bobbin my head
(bobbin my head, bobbin my head)
And you can catch me in a whip, cruisin with a chick
With the top let down, ridin hard gettin litted
And I’m just bobbin my head — bobbin my head
(bobbin my head, bobbin my head)
So now I two — step groovy, lookin like a playa
Loose on the drank — gotta nigga hollerin’yeah
Seen some niggas jumpin’round, but they don’t know how to act
That’s why I hit the do’and head straight to the back
Ask for a bottle so I can pour a round
I ain’t Yung Joc but it’s still goin down
The club scene packed, niggas steppin on my feet
Young girls on the flo’walkin out to the beat
And you know niggas on the lean, rockin with the snap
Why the G’s at the bar bobbin heads to the track
Crew thick in this bitch — got my goons right beside me
I just came to chill so you know where you can find me
And you can catch me in a fly whip with a bad bitch
Ridin through the hood, gettin that corn bread and cabbage
I gots to have it I’m tryna live lavish
I’m off in Miami — spend money like it’s a habit
Let the top drop, while the wheels turn
Down on south beach let the reefer burn
Bumpin Trick Dolla"Only In America"
Gas on my chest so I’m comin thru ya area
Music too loud, couldn’t hear what she said
I ain’t Shawna but I too was 'gettin head'
And if I had some I would shake my dreads
But I don’t so I’m in the drivers seat, bobbin my head