Перевод песни Sheer Terror – Here to Stay

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Four fucking years we've been burning our time
We're at the back of the line and we're still waiting
All of the times of putting up with shit and now we're wading through it And we're still hating
This was never meant to be a garden of roses, or elitist poses
But you've forgotten
Now it's all about who's making the loot
This big basket of fruit has now gone rotten
Day by day you pave the way
If that's what you want, then you've got it Everybody's talking about this and that
About tit for tat
Well what's the story?
Unity and justice is where you build your pride and you're choosing sides
Well where's the glory?
Walking so tall with your head held high
You're in the public eye with cool things to say
I don't have the time to deal with fools like you
I've got work to do
I've got bills to pay
Before you get up and tell them that I'm wrong
Why don't you shut up and listen to the fucking song
And if you don't like it, it's just too bad
We'll shout it strong, shout it loud
We are the ugly and proud and if you don't like hat we say
Then you pay us no mind
And stop wasting my time
Like it or not we are here to stay