Перевод песни Sheer Terror – Walls

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Walks in the park, kissing in the dark
It was all a lark- another sad old joke
I should've known- it's happened before
Those days of yore have taught me nothing
Leading myself around like a little boy lost in the city of lights
From teacher to student, Helena to Prudence
Nights crying to my cat
Lie on my bed of thorns, rest my head on a rock
And watch my walls turn black
Maybe raise my empty glass to propose a toast
Ha- the spirits gone
Don't look back and I won't look ahead
I've always favored the things I dread
Glutton for punishment- that's my line
We all have our crosses to bear
I've tried- I've cried- don't bother me
I've strived- I've lied- I don't want to see
I've cheapened- I've weakened- my tanks are low
Every failure of my life exposed