Перевод песни Powerhouse – Numb

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I look around what do I see
All the schism in society
Twelve year olds sportin guns
Ten year olds breedin smaller ones
Everybody's growin up too quick
Hate and fear makin the air too thick
Life's been left without a meaning
I'm growing numb and I'm still bleeding
All I'm seeing is a world of hate
All I'm feeling is a world of pain
All I'm holding is an empty shell
I'm growing numb but I might as well
Fourteen years old and he don't feel nothing
Dropped a fool for absolutely nothing
His own life to him don't mean nothing
If he dies today it don't mean nothing
Cold and dead and they still look on Don't even realize something's wrong
Stone cold minds feel no empathy
I'm growing numb but I'm glad to be Burn my skin do I reply
Break my bones don't bat an eye
Feed me pain and I want more
I'm growing numb without a cure