Перевод песни Heatmiser – Busted Lip

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I must have looked hysterical, trying to get away
Riding on an avalanche of things you just don’t say
I wanted someone’s company, but to her I’m just some guy
And I got a busted lip on a silent night
I was in your car that night, going out of town
I know something’s gotta go and I guess I’ll go now
White knuckles on the wheel and a pain above
That’s how mother nature treats everyone she loves
Drive out
Sob and trip
Got a silent busted lip
You wanna make me just like yourself
'Til I lie in tatters
He’s looking at you now
Like a little dove
True love blinking on and off
Like a bad bulb
And when he breaks himself in two
You say you must be high
But people just always do
It makes them feel alive
Break himself in two
Do you sign out?
Yes you do
You wanna make me just like you
'Til I lie in tatters
Hey little birdie sing
Hey little birdie sing
Hey little birdie sing
Hey little birdie sing