Перевод песни Thin White Rope – July

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Last July I bought some opium incense
Didn’t know that that was once your brand
Wintertime I spark it to erase the scent of your sadistic man
You healed your bruises with cigarettes
And drove for hours wasted in the fog
To be where other women wouldn’t call you things
Where men wouldn’t sniff you out like dogs
If only just once you’d told me you don’t like men who treat you like dirt
Who slip you drugs intended to seduce which travel deep and cause you hurt
I wonder what would happen if
You learned to speak of your contempt
Instead you celebrate your face
By lending it to each of them
The redneck in me wants to prove, the college boy is scared to move
The homemaker has quit his job, the nihilist has found a god
A carpenter who takes an axe, a moth who burrows into wax
A chain between you and the ape — the missing link was Joan the Saint
I think you are the girl who sees a quarter inch through everything
Sees bodies underneath their clothes, no faces, only peeled bones
Your father was the artist who took pictures every day of you
And made a stop-motion film that shows you turning into him
I wonder how the Pharoah knew he had to save himself for you
And when I got to take his place I praise the years that burned his face