Перевод песни Bryan Erickson – Fade Away

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No smile, no dreams, no life, no time
No fun, no dreams, no time, no life
Another day of misfortune
Another day of hating everyone
Another day of hatred
Of depression
On succession
On the mental breakdown
No fun, no dreams, no life, no time
Just fade away
No life, no dreams, just another day
No fun, no life, no dreams, just fade away
Life, in the mirror
Life, in your hands
Life on a broken dysfunctional life
Life, life, death
Life, there on no fucking fantasy
Nothing to dream
Just another day here
No fun, no life, no dreams, no time
No fun, no, nothing at all
Time doesn’t hear you
You’re dying away
No one will understand you
No one to come and play
No one to stop to hear you
No one will hear
Listen to what I say
What you say
I hammer a nail to my face
And say
Mentally backwards
In dreams that never transformed
Into anything at all
Time doesn’t hear you
No life, no fun, no dreams
No time, no life, no dreams
Just fade away
Time doesn’t hear you, no time doesn’t care
No fun, no dreams, no life
No fun, no dreams, no life
No promises, no fucking time
No life, no dreams, fade away
Fade away, fade away