Перевод песни Velvet Acid Christ – Broken Mind

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clutching my hands, nails at my skin, the rules of the game, come crashing in. m y broken mind, my broken soul, your fucking lies, i sold every bit so we go. wat
ch me bleed, watch me suffer, the game never changes, my hearts on the floor ble
eding, for your silly smile. watch my head explode, going upward, then back on t he floor, it's bleeding, the blood trickles on the wall, open your heart, and wa tch me fall apart. i never wanted it this way, don't you know i try so hard to m ake you, listen, you never listen, nobody listens, no body cares. they all just
stare, at the sad sight i am, a loser with no mind, no home, no don't remind me,
i know better, its all my fault, i should of tried harder from the very start,
but they watch me, they kill me, push me down, i cant help my situation, no lif
e no, no life, nothing at all, just me, in discontent, watch as they stare at me
, they stare at me, they stare at me, what a loser i am, i am, oh i am, death, d ead, dead. hold my soul above my head, shoot it ten times instead, they walk in front of me and laugh, and kick me in the face, spit on me, shoot me, kill me, y ou don't care anyway. so what's the difference, i'm in pain, it never goes away,
you just laugh at me, you laugh at me oh... sorry i never predicted that this
was the end of our relationship, i tried to make it better, to make it better. n o one listens, no one cares, they all just stare, and laugh, then walk away, wha
t's the big deal, i'm just a loser...
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