Перевод песни Magnolia Electric Co. – I Can Not Have Seen The Light

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Again you’re swinging low
And you hit me below the belt
Alright since it’s a fair fight
I’d say it’s the best that I have felt
In a long long time (x2)
Every now and then it happens again
I can’t remember what comes first
Is it the hurt
Or knowing that it hurts
Is it the hurt
Or knowing that it hurts
Ever since I turned my life around
It still happens time to time
Don’t know what pain was yours
Or what pain was mine
What pain was yours
And what pain was mine
Will I have to be alright all of the time
No one has to be alright all of the time
Do I have to be alright all of the time (x2)
I thought I saw the light
I saw the light