Перевод песни Malice – Air Attack

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Riding in on the wings of darkness
Smashing sounds erupt the night
No alarm no time to wonder
This is it the final flight
Soaring high above the lighted city
Picking points the target's clear
Sweeping down, penetrating buildings
Sounds excite perceptive ear
Air attack!
Air attack!
Power surge overload all systems
Using waves to project our sound
Deafening the roar will cut thru to Spin your head as it shakes the ground
Black on black tho' naked eye can't see us Awesome force takes you from behind
Strain your brain to stare in empty void, see
Metal scrape supersonic grinder
Sonic boom! Leave the levelled city!
Double thrust pushing up and on!
Walls still ring hot vapour streaks the sky!
As you join our evergrowing forces
Time is now to stand your ground
For we know rock'n'roll will never die!