Перевод песни Malice – Squeeze It Dry (Keep on Rockin')

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Every time I try to have some fun
Someone’s telling me it’s wrong
I’m just looking for a place in the sun
Where I know I belong
Choke my spirit, squeeze it dry
You can’t keep me away
I’m a free spirit running wild
I just wanna play
I’m gonna keep on rockin'
Don’t need a reason why
I’m gonna keep on rockin'
'Til the day I die
I don’t need to be put down
For being what I am
I just need a party in my town
That doesn’t give a damn
Take my money, spend it all
It only ties me down
I’m not happy with it all
Well I just wanna mess around
Now’s the time to shake it loose
Set my body afire
Free myself, slip the noose
And take my heart’s desire