Перевод песни Carpenters – Touch Me When We're Dancing

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Play us a song
We can slow dance on We want to hold each other
Play us a groove
So we hardly move
Just let our
Hearts beat together
Oh, baby
Cause it feels so good
When were close like this
Whisper in my ear and
Let me steal a kiss
Come on and touch me When we’re dancing
You know you’ve
Got that loving touch
Oh, oh, touch me When we’re dancing
I want to feel you when
I’m falling in love
Tonight’s the night
And it feels so right
My heart is saying it to me
You’re the one I’ve
Waited for so long
So let your love
Flow through me Oh, baby
Oh, it feels so good
When we can be this close
You’ve got me up so high
I could fly coast to coast