Перевод песни Yes – Money

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Money high, money low
Money come, money go.
don*t worry me don*t worry me
(money don*t buy)
The things that we like, the things that we love
The things that we have, so high above
Don*t bother me
(it doesn*t even matter to you)
Don*t bother me
(money doesn*t grow on trees)
Just don*t worry!
Now listen!
Suns do shine, moons do glow
Simplicity everyone knows
Don*t hurry me
(i*m in the middle of a dream)
Don*t hurry me
(it*s not at all the way it seems)
Money so high, money so low
Money to count, money to go It won*t be there where I go
(where is that you*re going to?)
It won*t be there where I go
(where is that you*re going to?)
Just won*t be there
No way!
[…screw anything you can… and i*m trying
To do that with the country…]
Do wop…
Da da da…