Перевод песни Yes – You Can Be Saved

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Dreaming and dreaming all over again
I hear this line of poetry…
Will I be free?
Yes, when you know it
Can I be me?
If you can show it
Lost touch, now the feeling’s revealing something more
Whatever you’ve come 'round here for…
You can be saved
Time and time, all over again
You take this line of questioning…
Will I be free?
Yes, when you’re flowing
Can I be me?
If you don’t blow it
Loves touch will inspire you to open up the door
These words are certainly sure
You can be saved
Dreaming and dreaming all over and then…
Follow the light of heritage
Love is the tree, steadily growing
Sailing the sea, steadily rowing
In touch with the feeling, believing is the key
Whatever you think you can be
You can be saved