Перевод песни Van Dyke Parks – Be Careful

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At the age of nine my father said to me Son you're growing fine I'm very proud to see
Soon a man you'll be with all the zest for life
But your greatest test will be to choose a wife
Be careful, son be careful. All that glitters isn't gold
Be careful. Son be careful, movin' round toward the young and the old
You must watch them twice
That is my advice
You'll find they're nice from far, but far from nice
Marriage is not a sport, it is no game to play
Once they have you caught, it's hard to get away
Behind every great man there's a woman, that's true
But she has a hand in every downfall too
Every lady is a woman though nature's act
But every woman is not a lady and that is a fact!
To comprehend the difference it will take a lot
For they both pretend to be what they are not