Перевод песни Van Dyke Parks – Home

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Home! To my destiny dear
Home! I can rest without fear
Home! For the soul who has found he is half not whole!
Home! Place where I find relaxion
Home! For some natural action
Home! From the cold an the glitter and that is not gold!
At Home by the fire
You only desire to Go out and get in a stew
Could get you in trouble
Get home on the double
You're dreaming! You dream can come true
Where you knew it would right from the start
Please believe me Home! With its warren, its peace-time
Home! With its famine and feast
Home! Last not least for the beauty within you beast!
Where there is tranquility
Half happability
Yearning to let what may come come
In tender and loving care even the foul is fair
Let every road lead to Rome! Not to ruin my Homely! home! Sweet Home!
Half! Have a mind to get my situation
Wholly owned and only consolation
Back to bed to habitate when
I get back home
My mind have been churnin'
My feet has been burnin'
My heart had been turnin' to Love
And he who laughs last you see, ain't gotta laugh on me And all that I'm speaking of Please believe me Is Homely! Home! Sweet Home!
You just set you feet back on the ground and turn around and get back home!