Перевод песни Van Dyke Parks – Trade War

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Mister Ford sez to Mister Firestone
When they meet at the old campground
«We will send out the news by wire and
Tell all the people what we have found
We can ask Thomas Alva Edison
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
And if someone comes here with something to sell
Just make yourself clear and tell him to go straight to hell
Trade war!
For your peace and our protection
Give us speed and new direction
Someone needs to mind the store
Trade war!
As is mentioned in the Bible
Nations tend to what is tribal
Across the ocean white with foam
Spend your dollars here at home»
Mister Ford turns to MisterFirestone
«Well the nation has gotta roll
Time has come for the Yanks to load up the tanks
If a victory is our goal
To show the world all about free enterprize
Cut the competition down to size
We must make it a date to participate in cooperation
We are a nation at war
Trade war!
We are thinking of survival
At the brink with each new rival
Here to even up the score
Trade war!
Competition now is global
Give your country what is noble
If you’re an eagle you must soar
We are a nation as at war!
There’s a bomber up in the sky tonight
'Cause the two brothers Wright took flight
Man has gone to the air to keep the world fair
Show the others where might makes right
When you look up in the wild blue yonder now
And see a star or a satellite
On a Yankee’s invention it may depend
So lend us your spirit bright!
Trade war!
Don’t sell land to the invader
Tell him come back maybe later
We don’t do that anymore
Trade war!
Thanks to our man Ronald Reagan
He is gone and we are begging
For just the interest on the loan
And calamity unknown
Trade war!
For our lands and independence
For our children and descendants
We must hold them at the door
Trade war!
And the sparks have started flying
Though your heart says you’re denying
Our love for all humanity
It’s what keeps us breathing free
Trade war!
Make it legal make it tender
May our nation not surrender oh no!
For just one race to rule the world
Keep that battle flag unfurled!»