Перевод песни Van Dyke Parks – One Home Run

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We want just one home run
That’s all that we are after
My son I been around the diamond
But not for many a year
And I have lost and won
The cost in tears and laughter
You just step up and face that pitcher
When these two words you hear
Batter up! batter up!
With His eye on the sparrow you’ll fly like an arrow on high
Batter up! batter up!
Whether losing or winning in only beginning
You’ll make it on home by and by
You take a bat of pine
From some denuded forest
The glove was made by Mr. Spaulding
From a cow in Salvador
And by some power divine
The crowd joins in the chorus
It is a case of now or never
And you can hear them roar
Ko ko lo to ki me ku to ki
Ka ze wa to ma li
To mo ni su su mi yu ko
Mi la i bo ku la no
Ao zo la hi lo ga lu no ha la ni yu ko
Kyo o wa ta no shi i ku sa ya kyu u sa
Bo ku no ne ga i wa ta ta hi to tsu no
Ho o mu la no i pa tsu u tsu da ke sa
Ta da bo lu ni mu ka i o mo i ki i li pu le i su ru da ke