Перевод песни Linda Lewis – Wise Eyes

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wise eyes watching us riding
on a snow maiden
talking together with a record player
waiting for things to happen
you see, I check on my jar
a little love out my heart and says
I’m lazy and I’m a liar
and I run when there’s a fire
wise eyes looking through the night
sitting on the mountain rocking
is slandered aside on a moonlit night
don’t squeeze before you freeze
it’s a shocking
you see, the planets were bland
but some compassionate hand
and say I’m lucky and I’m a lover
and I laugh when I get bothered
as I laugh when I wanna cry
I saw your tear through a telescope
I knew that Venus wasn’t bold
you’re so cold
you’re so cold, ohh
wise eyes swimming through the night
seems that you were falling
like a star but is breathing hard
don’t someone to keep us stalling
now that my stars have slipped
into my own eclipse
I’m careless and I go dreary
and I need someone to share with me
wise eyes is passing us by
foul faces in the room
wise eyes is passing us by, oh
wise eyes, I knew you knew
wise eyes, I knew you knew
wise eyes, I knew you knew
oh, I thought that we were friends
but tonight has to end
oh, wise eyes