Перевод песни Linda Lewis – Donkey's Year

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B is for brown
And I got down
My sleeping sound
For donkey’s years
B is for blue
My eyes are new
My song is true
For donkey’s years
Then I’m gonna pick up my wings
And gonna fly
Singing my song of love, and gonna try
Try to be smiling, smiling all the while
G is for green
The trees have been that way it seems
For donkey’s years
G is for gold
The leaves turn old
The nights are cold
For donkey’s years
Then I’m gonna pack up all my travels
Gonna fly
Laugh at my hubble bubble, gonna try
Try to be smiley, smiley all the while
Fly me to the sun
The golden sands and sea
Mm, mm, fly me to the sun
Won’t you come with me
Mm, won’t you come with me?
Won’t you come with me?