Перевод песни King Missile – To Walk Among the Pigs

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
To walk among the pigs
To go where the pigs go
And do as the pigs do
To inhale the pungent stench of the pigs
And truly savor the scent
To sing the song of the pigs
To build up a rapport
To be one with the pigs
To work shoulder to shoulder with the pigs
On piglike projects
To sweat like a pig
And then to realize that pigs never sweat
To wallow in the mud with the pigs
To experience absolutely all that pigness entails
To hear, to see
To feel like a pig
To think, eat
And smell like a pig
To comprehend completely what it is to be a pig
To fully understand that you
The pigs
And all other things in the universe
Are of the same ilk
And then, to weed out all non-piggish things
To fully cultivate and allow to blossom
The flower that is the pig within your soul
And to finally stand alone
In the garden of the absolute
And pray
And pray
And pray
Like a pig